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Gallery 2:  2019 to present

19-4.18 Open Call (McC) 1___.jpg
19-4.18 Open Call (McC) 3.jpg
19-1.8 McCallum Group Pic 1.jpg
Open Call Flier.jpg
Strummers*** (crop).jpg
Feb 2020
 19-12.5 Angel View Composite.jpg
19-12.10 St. Marg 15.jpg
19-12.10 St. Marg 11.jpg
19-12.10 St. Marg 13.jpg
St. Margaret's Church
Holiday Lunch for Neighbors in Need
19-12.7 Liv Des (Cheng) 2 (crop).jpg
19-12.7 Liv Des (Cheng) 18.jpg
The Living Desert
Donors' Appreciation Holiday Event
 Group Photo 2.jpg
Halloween 2019
Dress Up as a Song
_Kona & Ukulele 2.JPG
Ukes in Desert Sun.jpg

And then, COVID happened . . .

but we play on!
20-4.7 Zoom Jam.jpg
Most of the costumes depict a particular song in our songbook.  Can you guess? . . . 
 20-10.27 Halloween Strum.jpg
Some of the songs depicted include:  Monster Mash, People Are Strange, Addams Family, Old Town Road, Love Potion Number Nine, Up Here in Canada, Witchy Woman, Yellow Bird, It's All Going to Pot, Island Style, Ex's and Oh's, Red Roses for a Blue Lady,  and Hound Dog.
THEN CAME The HOLIDAYS of 2020 . . .
We were all so sad that we could not come together in person - thanks to Covid.   So Krista Kehl had seen this brilliant idea to create a work of art wherein we could all gather for a Christmas dinner.  Our own Artiste Extraordinaire Miguel Almanza drew all our strummers -- with each person bringing something of his/her choice to the table! . . . 
Wendy invites you to Christmas dinner - just RSVP with what you will be bringing to the table!  I'm making martinis!  Krista and Miguel are the first to arrive and they brought tacos!
1 First Drawing.JPG
Yay!  People are flooding in!  Looks like we'll need a bigger table!
2 Second Drawing.JPG
Strummers Dinner****.jpg
Finding this beautiful way to connect, even through our social isolation, was so heartwarming -- and Miguel's art work was so beautiful -- it was featured in the Desert Sun news . . . 
Desert Sun Article (print edition)___.jpg
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