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Our Clubs

"The Desert Ukulele Marching Band and Glee Club"(D.U.M.B.) is really a bunch of lies.  

First of all, we don't really march.  Yet.  Secondly, we are not really DUMB -- by any means!

And thirdly, we're really more than just one club:


The Palm Desert Strummers (as this group is more commonly known)

meets every Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:30 in the afternoon

both in-person at the Joslyn Center in Palm Desert

and via Zoom for our snowbirds and multi-national members!

Note:  Our in-person meeting follows strict COVID safety protocols,

as we have a social distancing requirement, and hence a limited room capacity.

At this time, no reservations are necessary but should we reach our capacity as our snowbirds return,

weekly reservations will be required and space will be limited to group members only.

Temperature checks and masks are also mandated.

This group plays a wide variety of music ranging from old standards to more contemporary pop tunes,

from country - western to rock and roll, and oh yes, Hawaiian favorites of course!

We usually have about 25-35 strummers who brave the summer heat,

and our numbers swell to about 70+ in winter when our snowbirds return.  

We have beginning players as well as advanced.  All levels are welcome!

Our D.U.M.B. group is for the zanier younger-at-heart socializers!

We are currently on hiatus due to covid, but WHEN we meet . . . 

We meet on the second Thursday of every month (with very occasional exceptions)

at Mario's Italian Cafe at 73155 Highway 111 in Palm Desert.

4:30 - 5:30 is Social Time

(have drinks, order food, get to know each other!)

5:30 - 6:00 is Open Mic

6:00 - 7:30 is All Jam!

D.U.M.B. music is all post-1950s (at least it's supposed to be!) and includes a lot of songs you aren't likely to hear in most other ukulele clubs.  We like to experiment.  Heh heh.  We play Beatles,  Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, Adele,

Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, Matisyahu, Doobie Brothers . . . even a little Queen, Radio Head, and Guns and Roses!

During the winter months (as the snowbirds flock home to the desert),

it gets pretty crowded, so RSVPs are required.

We also have a number of performing groups.  

Members frequently band together to entertain at assisted living homes, charity events and private luaus.

And last but not least . . . about 20 of us have comprised what we call "Team Rainbow"

which took Iz's medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What A Wonderful World"

to a whole new level when competing in the

2019 Open Call Competition at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California.

We received incredible ovations from sold-out audiences (1000+) in all four live shows

and won Best Mixed (Instrumental and Vocal) Performance!

Keep visiting us here to keep apprised of all this excitement!

Strummers*** (crop).jpg

Money can't buy you happiness.

But it can buy you an ukulele -- and THAT will bring happiness!

Our Mission

. . . is simple:



And MUSIC of course!

Our Mission

Our Strummers

We're from all over (including our snowbirds from Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada, et cetera).  We range in age up to 91 years young, and although we are mostly "seniors,"

we invite all ages.  All levels of play are welcome -- from beginners to advanced!

To this day, if I ever meet grownups who play ukulele,

I love 'em!

-- Paul McCartney

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